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Hate Speech Inquiry Paper: Addressing Hate Speech

The objective my inquiry paper about hate speech represents is applied theory. This paper discusses what hate speech is and what it isn’t, how to address hate speech, and how to remove someone that is being affected by hate speech from the situation. I thoroughly explained how to recognize hate speech and how to stop the speaker from using that speech throughout the paper. Each solution was backed up by different essays and articles that showed how the solution works [1].

This artifact comes from the class Studies in Communication and Media I took in the fall of 2017. The assignment was to understand what hate speech is and to generate a question and to answer the question through research. I chose this paper to represent the applied theory objective because I worked very hard on completing this paper and doing the best that I could do. There was a lot of time spent in class discussing hate speech and a lot of my own time outside of class researching how to speak back to hate speech [2].

My paper on speaking back to hate speech shows that I understand and have met the description of the object ‘applied theory’. I use different sources to conclude solutions to an ethical issue that occurs. As well as solutions, I critically analyze what hate speech is and how it is protected by the first amendment in the Constitution [3].

Inquiry Paper

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