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Marshall McLuhan Essay

For Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies, I wrote a 1,250 word paper on the communication theorist Marshall McLuhan. The purpose of this paper was to understand the ideas and theories of communication that McLuhan introduced during his time as a communication theorist. Along with the paper, I had to create a power point presentation to present the information to the rest of my class. This paper met the criteria for the Read/Write/Listen because I had to discuss the different theories McLuhan introduced to the communication field and then write a paper about his theories for my professor, and then present my knowledge on the theories to my class [1].

I chose this artifact for my portfolio because it is a good example of using different technologies to display the information that I learned about McLuhan’s theories and ideas. I had to use the internet and library sources to find information of McLuhan and his theories. Then, I had to explain several of his theories in a 1,250 word paper. Finally, I had to present this information I learned to my class by working with one other person to create a power point presentation. This assignment was the final project for my Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies class [2].

This artifact shows that I have successfully completed this objective because i needed to use several different strategies and technologies to complete this assignment. I had to gather my information on McLuhan and have a deep understanding of the theories and ideas that he introduced to the field of communication in order to present what I had learned about McLuhan’s theories through a paper and by presenting my knowledge to the class [3].

McLuhan paper

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